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I'm always happy to offer free copies to committed translators - please contact me if that would help.

You can find this translation site at http://translate.hobbyistsoftware.com

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VLC Streamer

Project Words
#42561 VLC Streamer iOS
1,439 Last update: Jun 18, 08:09
#42734 VLC Streamer - Android
1,274 Last update: May 29, 11:44

VLC Remote

Project Words
#42572 VLC Remote iOS
996 Last update: Jun 29, 05:19
#44625 VLC Remote WP7
676 Last update: Jun 15, 23:58
#47142 VLC Remote Android
1,076 Last update: 1 year ago

Off Remote

Project Words
#42649 Off Remote iOS
681 Last update: 4 months ago

Video Debrief

Project Words
#107335 iPhone/iPad App
91 Last update: Jun 29, 05:16

File Getter

Project Words
#149908 iPhone/iPad App
509 Last update: May 25, 16:48

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